A Multipurpose Vape
You can vape dry herbs as well as concentrates with the Pax 3. Which makes it an ideal choice for people who want a diverse, intense experience. Although the vaporizer performs fairly well with concentrates, it excels when used for herbs.

Moreover, there are multiple oven lids which allow for multiple types of vaping including a tighter pack. That way, you can get a more potent hit every time. The app for this dry herb vaporizer is also very good and allows for much more control than others. For instance, you can utilize various cosmetic settings such as optimizing the for flavor, customizing the colors and vibration styles. You can even rename your unit or lock it as well as getting updates for your PAX.

Fast Heat Up, More Vapor

The PAX 3 has high vapor production and is a big step up from the PAX 2. This iteration of the PAX heats up three times faster (15-seconds) than its predecessor. That results in more vapor in a short amount of time. We liked that you don’t have to take a long draw on the PAX 3 to get a strong hit as you can take smaller hits and still get the same feeling.

Overall Performance

The flavor of the PAX 3 is also remarkable as it is smooth and nice which is different from the harsh flavors of some vapes. It comes with several handy accessories which add to the experience. This includes: a maintenance kit, three extra screens, a concentrate inlet, a multi-tool, two extra mouthpieces, and two extra oven lids.

The groundbreaking lip sensing technology from the original PAX vapes is also featured in the PAX 3. This is one of the highlights of the product.