There is a very interesting phenomenon in the CBD oil industry. Namely, you won’t find a list of the best CBD oil companies that would not include Green Roads World. This renowned powerhouse has made its name in the cannabis business by providing people with the top-notch, unique CBD oil since 2011.

Green Roads have absolutely everything a CBD oil novice needs to try their natural medication for the first time, but savvy CBD users should also be satisfied with the quality offered by the manufacturer.

Green Roads World CBD Oil

Our Best CBD Products:

  • CBD Oils: Formulated using the purest crystalline CBD isolates and a broad spectrum of other phytocannabinoids, our CBD Oils are available in 6 different concentrations: From 100 mg, 250 mg, 350 mg, 550 mg, 1000 mg, 1500 mg to 3500 mg.
  • CBD Edibles: The second-most popular CBD product type, Green Roads’ edibles include CBD gummy bears, candies, froggies, and many more in assorted flavors.
  • CBD Terpenes: Terpenes are produced by all forms of life, and give smell and taste to all organic substances. Our extraction process enables us to harness specific terpenes from hemp which are also found in various types of fruit, providing 6 different amazingly real flavors.
  • CBD Topical Creams: Topical CBD products work great for skin and joints, and can be applied directly to the affected area. Easy to apply and non-sticky, CBD cream is a popular choice among athletes and those with joint problems.
  • CBD Capsules: As the easiest and most familiar form of CBD administration, CBD capsules are one of our most popular products. They are available in a bottle of 14 capsules and in a small pack of 4 capsules. Each capsule contains 25 mg of CBD.
  • CBD Concentrates: Concentrates, or isolates, are CBD products in their raw form immediately the following extraction. Our pharmacists directly infuse CBD concentrates into all of our other products to ensure efficacy and accurate dosing.
  • CBD Syrups: An alternative for anyone looking for a little help falling asleep may find what they’re looking for with CBD syrup. Melatonin-infused CBD Syrup comes in 4oz/118ML and three fruity flavors (grape, mango & strawberry).
  • CBD Beverages: We have partnered with the finest coffee producers in Colombia to create a CBD coffee experience. In addition, CBD tea also provides a novel way to consume your daily dose of CBD.