Formed in 2002, Illadelph has been a prominent company in the pipe industry for over 10 years. The evolution of the company during this time, has produced a number of technological break-throughs, one of a kind works of art, and most importantly, satisfied customers. The success of Illadelph stems from this long term goal of perfection in all areas of work, from the packaging, to the materials used, to the people who assemble the product. Nothing is second rate. The goal from day one has remained the same: quality, with no exceptions.

Cleanliness is important in maintaining our products. Build-up that occurs in our pipes lessens the quality of our design as well as diminishes the taste.
Illadelph feels that constant attention to cleaning over any particular cleaning product or method is most important. A weekly or even daily schedule will help prevent any serious build up issues, and, when done regularly, becomes a small task.

Rubbing alcohol is a natural solvent and can be purchased inexpensively at any retail pharmacy. Look for the highest percentage by volume available, usually 91%. Soaking the pieces in alcohol, then rinsing in water is an effective method of cleaning. We recommend using a covered container for soaking, as rubbing alcohol will evaporate quickly.

If the piece is too large to soak in a container, using corks may enable you to fill your glass with rubbing alcohol, thus letting the inside soak in this manner. Glass on glass stoppers are available for purchase for facilitating this method.